Saturday, 6 February 2016

Aquelarre: Codex Gigas (25th Anniversary)

Name: Aquelarre: Codex Gigas (25th Anniversary)
Release date: December 2015
Publisher: Nosolorol Ediciones
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Description: Handmade leather edition of the Aquelarre Core Rulebook (Spanish) with metal clasp and metal fittings at the corners. Book comes in a wooden box with laser engraved Aquelarre logo. Limited to 12 copies (Signed and numbered certificate included - No. 12 of 12). In addition the Codex Gigas package includes the Limited Edition book of Aquelarre, which normally comes with the Codex Aureus Package plus a lot of extravagant goodies, e.g a map of Spain printed on genuine leather. 
Personal statement: This book/box makes you feel like Dean Corso! It's worth every cent! ;)

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