Monday, 20 May 2013

Vampire the Masquerade Kukri Dagger

Not exactly a book, but deluxe, rare and totally awesome merchandise.

The Assamite Kukri Dagger was manufactured for White Wolf by ProCut. It was published in 2004 near the end of the old WoD. Each dagger is intricately engraved (looks like laser cutting) with Assamite symbols and markings. This dagger is definitely not a toy. It is a real weapon. It is very heavy and although it does not have a razor sharp edge you could easily deal lethal wounds to other people with it. Collector's discretion advised. 

I absolutely love the vampire skull at the end of the knob.

But see for yourself...

Man, look at those fangs!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

La llamada de Cthulhu edición coleccionista - The Spanish Call of Cthulhu Black Box Collector´s Edition

Recently I found this black pearl (pun intended ;) ) on the net and couldn´t resist to buy it.

It has been released by the Spanish Publisher Edge Entertainment in 2011.
The black box is embossed with two large elder signs (one at the front and one at the back of the box), which become visible when the black banderole (Name of the box and contents are listed on the banderole) is removed. It contains the Spanish Rulebook of the 6th Edition Rules for Call of Cthulhu. Enjoy!

The Box itself:

Front view

Side view

back view

Box without banderole

Huge Relief Elder Sign, which can be found at the front and the back of the box


Square shaped rulebook with marvelous artwork (6th Edition)

Coolest EAN Code ever!

Awesome Screen

Q-Workshop Cthulhu Dice with Elder Sign Pouch

Character Sheet Pad for different eras (still inside the box)

Big Map of Arkham

With about 100 Euros the box is not quite cheap, but it´s absolutely worth it (even if my Spanish skills are just rudimentary). Thumbs up for google translator.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

One book at a time

I will try to add one Limited Edition Book every week.
Each presentation will afterwards be added to the Collector´s Corner Archive until the whole collection has been dealed with. Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions, which book should be dealt with next. Comment function is enabled.

A new dawn...

The real intention of this blog is to create an archive for my collection. As a positive side effect, friendly, interested readers can find useful information about Deluxe Limited Edition RPGs.

Some stuff I will write about has its origin in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain or France, Nonetheless you can still enjoy the provided information and photos. When you got navigated to a foreign website by an embedded link try using the google translator (one of my favorite tools when browsing French or Spanish Websites).